Windows System Image Restore – SolidBox Presents

Have you ever downloaded a file from an untrusted source, only to find it accompanied by a virus or malware? Oh, if only you could restore your computer to an image of itself before it contracted the deadly virus. Well, we at SolidBox have been preaching and practicing the creation of Windows System Images since the beginning. In this post we'll discuss Windows System Images and how to perform a Windows System Image restore. What is a Windows System Image? When you create a Windows System I

published January 08, 2015

Ken Pawlak, Natus Medical Presents At SolidWorks World 2015

It's not only our job to be plugged into the SolidWorks community and to have our finger on the pulse of the industry, it's our passion. SolidWorks provides us with a remarkable software solution to most of our CAD challenges, and we make it our business to offer a hardware solution that enhances your SolidWorks experience. So, naturally, we were excited to learn that a long-time SolidBox customer Ken Pawlak of Natus Medical Inc. was invited to present a breakout session at this year's SolidWor

published December 18, 2014

Becoming a Next Gen CAD Designer and Rapid Prototyper

We love SolidSmack. For those of you not familiar with SolidSmack, it is the premiere 3D CAD and design site on the web. Today, SolidSmack released a brand new article contributed by SolidBox's very own Matt Perez. This article is titled: Five Tips for Becoming a Next Generation CAD Designer and Rapid Prototyper. In the article, Matt lays down the 5 fundamentals that every CAD user should take with them on the job hunt. Click the link below to go to the article by Matt Perez. SolidSmack - F

published September 19, 2014

A Day In The Life Of SolidBox

Here at SolidBox, we value the small things that go into providing you with the best, most reliable CAD workstations on the planet. Case in point: STICKERS! Our replenishment order of SolidBox stickers just came in and we're super excited about them. In fact, they're ready to adorn each and every SolidBox that leaves our lab this year. I don't know what it is about stickers, but we still love seeing these little beauties. These sticks are ready to adorn CAD workstations ready to handle a

published August 05, 2014

Representing, SolidBox Style

We love hearing about our customers' success stories, and getting to know a certain customer a little better as a result. Over the years, the crew from Willem Mast Drafting And Design (WMD2) has become family to us because of their excitement and enthusiasm for what they do. We thought a recent pic sent to us from Blaine LaFleur, Chief Design Engineer at WMD2, deserved to make the SolidBox Blog. Well, without further ado, here's Blaine's Son, Brooke, and his skateboard by the beach. If you lo

published July 31, 2014
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