There are too many wires in this world! Why have another one connected to your keyboard? The Logitech® family of Keyboards and Mice use the Logitech® Unifying receiver, which is our favorite wireless connection device. The USB receiver itself, is very tiny, and it can run both the keyboard and mouse. We've chosen the Logitech® Wireless Keyboard K340 as our standard keyboard. Why? First off, the layout of this keyboard is very "CAD Operator" friendly. You have a standard 10-key number pad. How

published January 18, 2010

Mice – The Performance MX mouse

"The Performance MX mouse, is the best freaking mouse I've ever used. End of Story!", screams the founder of SolidBox. We agree with Chris' excitement. The Performance MX must have been designed by a SolidWorks user. The first thing you'll notice about the wireless MX is its good looks. But good looks serve no purpose when you're a mouse. Instead the good looks translate into awesome ergonomics. Your thumb will rest gently around this 9 button mouse, regardless if you have dainty little hands or

published January 12, 2010
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