3Dconnexion Launches New Wireless Device – The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

3Dconnexion has been the leading provider of 3D CAD modeling devices since the dawn of the millennium. We've been in love with every 3Dconnexion device we've gotten our hands on. Candidly, from the first SpaceMouse that predated USB (it attached via the long forgotten Serial Port) to the robust and programmable SpacePilot Pro. Nonetheless, it seems that 3Dconnexion is focused on blazing a new trail. Indeed, they're doing so by eliminating the wires on these CAD-enhancing devices altogether with

published July 08, 2014

SolidBox Setup: Chad Garrish Of Epigrid’s Ultra Mobile L2

When we launched our new Ultra Seriesearlier this year, Chad Garrish of Epigrid was one of the first to adopt the new, light-weight platform. After seeing our demo unit at SolidWorks World, Chad said, "It looks good, but will it push two external monitors?" All it took was a single affirmative for him to next exclaim, "I'll take one, I've already got an idea about how I'll set it up." Naturally, we were excited when we received these pictures of Chad's sleek Ultra Mobile in action. Wha

published May 19, 2014

SolidWorks World 2014 Break-Out Sessions Available

SolidWorks World 2014 seems like it was in the distant past, but in reality, it was just six weeks ago. However, now's your chance to experience SolidWorks World all over again, or maybe even for the first time. Each and every break-out session and presentation that took place at SolidWorks World 2014 is now available to consume at your own rate, directly from their website. Did you hear about an amazing break-out session from one of your co-workers? Do you want to check if a specific SolidWork

published March 12, 2014

Buy Or Sell Pre-Owned SolidBox Workstations

At SolidBox, we understand that quality and performance rarely ever coincide with an easy-to-swallow price tag. But our philosophy demands that our products set the benchmark for quality and performance, and our customers understand that we focus on building the best machine for the job, instead of aiming for a price point. Although we're able to remain competitive with the big-box resellers' prices, we're constantly looking for ways to add more value to the final product, and that's what sets u

published January 06, 2014

SolidBox Approved Synology Scalable NAS Options

We love Dell's rack servers. We integrate hundreds each year, calibrating each one to the customers' individual needs. Your company's server is the hub of information, and really the most important piece of hardware in the building. But how can you ensure that the information on that all-important server is safe and secure from day to day? Scalable NAS from SolidBox, that's how! Introduction to SolidBox Scalable NAS After extensive investigation and testing, we now offer a simple and elegant

published December 19, 2013
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