SolidBox Partners With SIMSOLID Simulation Software

We here at SolidBox love the Simuulation tools in SOLIDWORKS and Fusion 360. However, this is mostly out of necessity, as a mesh solver has always been the best way to accurately simulate your designs under stress or strain, as is the case for both SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Fusion 360. The one drawback is that the finer your mesh, the more resources are required of your hardware to calculate all the stress and strain in every single tetrahedral in your geometry’s mesh. This is why we would ty

published February 28, 2017
SolidBox Spotlight: My Gaming Computer Will Run SolidWorks, Won’t It?

Here at SolidBox, we encounter SolidWorks and Mastercam users from a vast amount of industries. There seems to be one common question that we get from CAD/CAM folk across that wide array of industries, and that question is some variation of this:I just built an expensive gaming computer, can I use it to run SolidWorks/Mastercam as well?”The honest-to-God truth is yes, most gaming computers would accept an installation of SolidWorks, and yes, you could even do some modeling with it. However, th

published December 06, 2016
SolidBox And Pluralsight Team Up To Provide Educational Courses

     For the past year+, the SolidBox team has been making the most of our partnership with Autodesk, training and evangelizing about their cloud-based CAD suite, Fusion 360. As the premiere training provider of Fusion 360, we have engaged in several highly-successful live training events, as well as webinars and remote training across the US.Based on the buzz created by these public training events, SolidBox was approached by the industry leader, Pluralsight to create custom training cours

published November 14, 2016
SolidBox Product Review: Dell M5510 And Dell M7510 Mobile Workstations

Here at SolidBox, CAD and CAM hardware is part of our DNA. We are constantly on the lookout for tools that will help us do our jobs better, and the workstation is still a huge part of that equation. It's our pledge to constantly evaluate our product line and offer workstations and accessories that are designed to enhance a CAD/CAM workflow, and as a result we try to share our thorough opinion of the new products we adopt.In this product review, Christopher Castle discusses two of Dell's new mobi

published October 27, 2016
SolidBox Presents: Introduction To Fusion 360 Online Course

The CAD landscape has shifted. Over the past two years, the industry leader – SolidWorks, has seen a number of new competitors pop up, each with incredible innovations. Designers and engineers everywhere are beginning to discover that CAD doesn’t have to tied to a specific office, or even a specific workstation. By leveraging cloud computing technologies, this new generation of CAD tools is giving designers the freedom to design wherever and whenever inspiration occurs. Here at Sol

published September 14, 2016
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