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SolidBox and Computer-aided Design (CAD)

We talk a lot about CAD here at SolidBox, but rarely in the context of what CAD actually is, and why SolidBox is the best possible solution for the demands of it. Computer-aided Design (CAD) as we know it today is vast and interactive. But it didn’t start that way. In fact, we’re just now reaching the maturity of several key players in the CAD world, most notably SOLIDWORKS, to where easily interacting with models that are generated by a computer, and collaborating with other designers is j

published November 05, 2018

Why do I need a CAD Workstation for SOLIDWORKS?

SolidBox has become SOLIDWORKS’ go-to for CAD workstations when people call in asking about hardware for SOLIDWORKS. Every week we get calls transferred from Waltham, MA and it’s usually someone wanting to know which NVIDIA GeForce video card to put in his or her computer or whether or not a Microsoft Surface can run SOLIDWORKS adequately (the answers are none and no). The larger question here is why do I need a CAD workstation for SOLIDWORKS? Why can’t I just use a gaming computer or a h

published October 23, 2018

A SolidBox for Dave Bear

Recently SolidBox had the opportunity to be a part of a great project in helping a Certified SOLIDWORKS Power User in need. Dave Bear lives in Australia and is a very active member of the SOLIDWORKS forum. He recently underwent brain surgery and has been without a SOLIDWORKS-capable laptop. His friend Todd Blacksher, leader of the SOLIDWORKS User Group of Nebraska, organized a fundraiser to get Dave a SolidBox. How Dave Started Using SOLIDWORKS Dave originally began using SOLIDWORKS becau

published October 08, 2018

SolidBox Laptops — Now With 50% More Cores!

For years now, SolidBox has been providing laptops purpose-built for SOLIDWORKS. Until now, all those laptops have had one thing in common: 4 processor cores. The quad-core processor has been a trusted workhorse since the beginning, but the latest generation of SolidBox laptops is moving to Intel’s newest line of mobile processors with six core CPUs. While most functions in SOLIDWORKS are single-threaded (negating some of the benefits of multi-core processors), simulation and photo-renderin

published August 21, 2018

NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Update How To

We've been getting calls from customers reporting messages within SOLIDWORKS stating it's time to get an updated NVIDIA graphics card driver. In fact, all CAD programs lean pretty heavily on your GPU. Therefore, it's a good idea for you to always use the latest driver even if you haven't received a message. NVIDIA is regularly modifying the drivers that control NVIDIA graphics cards. Furthermore, these updated drivers are often released through their website every few weeks. Installing the late

published April 06, 2018
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