Chris Castle


Chris is the Founder & President of SolidBox, a Performance Hardware, IT Support, Project Based Training & Engineering Services company for SOLIDWORKS, Fusion 360, Onshape, & Mastercam users across North America. He is a registered Professional Engineer and SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer. In his spare time, Chris and his wife Jayme run Advenduro Tours, a motorcycle & mountain bike tour guiding business based in St. George, UT. Chris is also a Commercial Pilot and volunteers for Angel Flight West whenever he can.

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Joel Sears

Vice President

Joel studied at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas when he found his passion for product development and technology integration. Seeing product innovation as a necessity for moving good ideas forward into greatness, he was led into a manufacturing environment where it was paramount to stay nimble and ahead of the curve. Custom manufacturing saw Joel work with everything from electronics to mechanical product integrations. This experience honed his abilities to accept any challenge put forward, and face the task head-on with a positive attitude. Joel has been with SolidBox from day one and has grown exponentially along with the company. He now holds a CSWP SOLIDWORKS Certification and treats each client’s issues as his own, putting customer service at the forefront of every SolidBox interaction.

If he is not behind a laptop crunching numbers or finding elegant solutions to clients’ problems, Joel can often be found on two wheels enjoying life to the fullest. Joel also holds a professional downhill cycling instructor’s license allowing a high-intensity version of stress relief.

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Tanner Knight

Tanner Knight, a SolidBox team member since 2011, heads up the Salt Lake City office – where the magic happens. Originally a professional musician, Tanner entered into the manufacturing and design world as a writer, bringing his creative skills to the amazing products and services SolidBox provides.

Tanner quickly learned the software of our trade, SOLIDWORKS, and ascended through the CSWA, and CSWP exams in a few short years and is close to attaining his CSWE certification. Next, Tanner set out to master the Mastercam suite of products, and most recently, Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

With a firm understanding of the tools of the trade, Tanner turned his focus to the programming side of the CAD and CAM infrastructure. He has been the head programmer at SolidBox since 2013 and oversees quality control.

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Mark LeBlanc

Mark has a rare passion for sales and marketing that, when combined with his engineering background, makes him a versatile asset to our team. He’s worked for engineering and design firms in Louisiana specializing in the development and analysis of tools for the oil field.  He now works in both an engineering and sales roll where his communication skills make him an invaluable asset to both our company and our clients. He specializes in product design, finite element analysis, engineering & project management, 3D renderings and graphic design. He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional and holds a B.S. in Mechanical  Engineering from the University of Louisiana. When not working, you can usually find mark on a bicycle.

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Jeremy Luchini

PowerSurfacing Consultant

Jeremy is the Founder of Luchini Design Inc., a product design and development firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  With over 20 years of CAD industry experience, he has worked and partnered with some of the world’s best technology and product manufacturing companies.  Today he’s designing supercars for Factory Five Racing using SOLIDWORKS, Power Surfacing and NVidia’s Holodeck Virtual Reality environment.

Prior to starting his own company Jeremy was the long-time certification director for SOLIDWORKS Corp. and responsible for the entire catalog of certification exams still available today.  With explosive company growth and high demand for certifications, Jeremy and his team built two of the most sought after test programs for CAD ever:  The Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert exam (for end-users) and the Elite Application Engineer exam (for resellers).  During his last few years at SOLIDWORKS he also hosted the company’s global web series program, where he showcased the advanced capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and helped build full-scale prototypes voted on by the viewing audience.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.   In his spare time, Jeremy and his wife Karen spend time motorcycling, hiking and camping across the USA and Canada.

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Jayme Marrs

Jayme started her career in theater stage management. As well as working in theater, Jayme has taken on the exciting role of Director of Finance and Human Resources for SolidBox. You wouldn’t think the two worlds have anything in common but the organizational skills and handling of fragile egos transcends the two different worlds. When not being the anchor that keeps this ship in the bay, she enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures with her husband.


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Matt Perez

Matt Perez, a SolidBox team member since 2011, works out of Blacksburg, VA.  Matt has worked in the industry from the ground up starting with Motorcycle and Car mechanics, Fabrication all the way up to design in Cad and CAM.  Matt placed his early focus on Complex Surfacing and Plastic Part Design but excels in all aspects of product design from Conceptual models to Production.

Matt was one of the first non-VAR CSWEs and has been using SOLIDWORKS since 2009.  Before SOLIDWORKS he worked in several CAD suites including Inventor, NX and Autocad.  Matt also has spent a great deal of time in reverse engineering, laser scanning as well as NC programming.  With a strong foundation in many of the most popular CAM packages on the market as well as a long history of manual machining and fabrication he is ready to help anyone tackle the challenge of getting “up to speed” in design and manufacturing.

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Chris Smith

Chris Smith is our newest team member and assists Tanner Knight with system integrations and marketing in our Salt Lake City office. He is a graduate of Indiana University, but was born and raised in Hawaii. In his free time, Chris enjoys mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and spending time with his wife and three young daughters.

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