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SIMSOLID™ is next generation, high capacity, structural FEA. It uses new computational methods which allow the solution of assemblies with hundreds to thousands of parts directly on a standard desktop computer. SIMSOLID is the perfect complement to existing CAD embedded simulation. It extends the analysis range and provides feedback in seconds to minutes.

SIMSOLID Power Edition Annual Subscription


With SIMSOLID you can:

  • ANALYZE ORIGINAL CAD GEOMETRY DIRECTLY– SIMSOLID’s unique technology completely eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming, expertise extensive and error prone tasks done in traditional FEA. SIMSOLID works with the fully detailed CAD representation. It eliminates the requirement to simplify the design to remove small features or parts such as bolts with threads, washers and nuts, small imprints, fillets or rounds. SIMSOLID is capable of solving large assemblies containing multi-scale parts that are both thick and thin or big and small. SIMSOLID can solve complex lattice based 3D printed parts.
  • HANDLE REAL WORLD DESIGN COMPLEXITY– SIMSOLID has been performance tuned to analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop class computer. SIMSOLID is tolerant of imprecise geometry. Its assembly connections are industry best at handling ragged contact surfaces with both gaps and overlapping geometry.
  • ACCURACY IS BUILT-IN– SIMSOLID controls solution accuracy using smart functions and a unique automatic adaptive process. In contrast to FEA, the adaptivity is driven by absolute measures of approximation errors. In SIMSOLID, adaptivity is not an option, it is always active.
  • EVALUATE DESIGN CHANGE– SIMSOLID’s unique multi-CAD design studies allow you to quickly evaluate and compare the structural performance from different geometric configurations and CAD sources. All analysis definitions update automatically making design iterations fast and painless.

SIMSOLID comes with complete CAD integration to SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape as well as a generic STL reader. More information on SIMSOLID can be found at

**Price is Per Month. Annual rate also available at $3,500 Per Year.


SIMSOLID is structural analysis software developed specifically for design engineers. It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming and expertise extensive tasks done in traditional FEA.

SimSolid Model



Simulation Types – Linear statics, modal, thermal, coupled thermal-stress, geometric nonlinear statics, and material nonlinear statics

Geometry sources Direct integration with Autodesk Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS and Onshape. Generic STL files

Material Properties – Isotropic, rigid, and nonlinear table driven stress-strain curves

Assembly Connections – Bonded, sliding, separating contact with friction, bolted, and virtual connectors

Boundary Conditions – Immovable contraint, sliding constraint, hinge constraint, spring support (elastic foundation), prescribed displacements, pressure, force, gravity, temperature, heat flux, convection, volumetric heat, remote force/moment, bearing load, bold/nut preload, hydrostatic load, translational/rotational inertia load, and inertia relief

Results Output – Contour plots, animation (static & modal), max/min locations, point value probes, XY plots, reaction/contact forces, safety factors, frequencies and mode shapes, modal participation factors, and bolt/nut resultant forces

User productivity – Bookmark browser, save animation (as .mp4 files), save images (as .png files), units manager, default materials, custom graphics labels, standard and user defined views, measurement tool, spot regions for custom load application

Capacity – No limit on number of parts or number of cores for parallel processing



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