SolidBox Services

Over the years we have interacted with our clients and assessed their needs time and time again. Each time, we arrive at the same conclusion: Project-based training is the best solution for software training and support. “What is project-based training?” you might ask. Project-based training allows engineers and designers to learn new programs or explore new functionality while working on their current project. We understand putting work on hold to learn software and its functionality sounds costly. Yet, learning how to use software while working on a current project saves time and money in many ways. That is where SolidBox Services comes in. We can support you with SOLIDWORKS support including SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training, SolidWorks Composer Training, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Training.

How do SolidBox Services work?

During a consultation, one of our experts will begin a one-on-one remote training session. Our expert will work collaboratively with you on your project during this session. Furthermore, they will teach you how to complete the job in the most efficient manner possible. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to not only teach the software but teach how to use it efficiently. This way, you can create designs that are easier to reference, control, revise and replicate. Their knowledge can also help you set up your system to optimize your design processes with templates, libraries, and automation.

Our experts work tirelessly to remain on the edge of innovation. They’re always staying current on all software functionality. This way they’re always able to complete a design project from start to finish. We have staff known for being the top resources in their respective fields. They can help you take your department to the next level with everything from 3D renderings to Finite Element Analysis. Be it SolidWorks Simulation Training, SolidWorks Composer Training, SolidWorks Electrical Training and SolidWorks Plastics Training, our SolidBox Services experts have you covered with extensive SolidWorks support.

How do I begin using SolidBox Services?

Simply contact us and give us your background and explain your needs and we’ll determine which of our experts can best help you with your requirements. You can purchase a “Support Block” which is a prepaid block of training time you can use in 15 minute increments as needed. The Support Blocks never expire and our experts can usually schedule training sessions on short notice to help you as soon as problems arise.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Simulation Services


SolidBox provides world class support and consultation for SOLIDWORKS Simulation. We’ve been at the forefront of the virtual Simulation trend since its inception. We can discuss any level of cooperation on your next Simulation, from simple guidance and advice to just handing us your model and parameters and letting us take care of the whole thing, including reporting.

Composer Service


SOLIDWORKS Composer is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to communicate your design intent in a number of clear and effective ways. If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing materials or need a better way to communicate your ideas, we can set up a software demo or take on the entire project so you don’t have to.

Electrical Service


SolidBox can assist you with the setup of your network environment to handle the shared resources required by multiple SOLIDWORKS users in a collaborative environment. We are experts in the most efficient ways to share data. From template directories to custom Toolbox installations, we have it covered. There’s no level of complexity we can’t handle when it comes to sharing data. SolidBox can work onsite or remotely to get your engineering team working together.

Plastics Service


Do you need help with your injection molds, or maybe some suggestions for designing plastic parts that keep the mold tools in mind? These are considerations that need to be taken when designing plastic parts. Let us take the guess-work out of your plastic part designs with consultation ranging from a simple plastic part workflow review/report to a comprehensive design and analysis based on your needs.

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