SolidBox Customers At SolidWorks World 2015 – Pivot Cycles

SolidWorks World

We love it when a customer of ours has the opportunity to exhibit what they design and create using SOLIDWORKS to the world at large.

There is no greater CAD stage than SOLIDWORKS World, and our customers and good friends at Pivot Cycles will be there, showing you how they use SOLIDWORKS to create some of the most beautiful and highly functional off-road bicycles in the industry. SOLIDWORKS is the perfect tool for Pivot, who specializes in carbon fiber and aluminum construction of their bicycle frames. Advanced surfacing? Check. Kinematic analysis? Check, check. Fully functional assembly environment? Check, check, check. And the list goes on.

The good folks from Pivot plan on having two bikes on hand that exhibit the beauty and craftsmanship for which this American bike company is internationally known. We at SolidBox are proud that Pivot has chosen SolidBox as their CAD hardware provider, and we hope you get a chance to come see what they have to offer in Phoenix at this year’s SOLIDWORKS World.