SolidBox Product Review – 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

3dConnexion has dominated the left-hand CAD device market for some time now. After getting acquainted with their line of products, it's easy to see why - with well chosen materials and an overall feel of quality. More recently, 3DConnexion has branched into the right-handed side of the CAD Workstation, with the introduction of the CADMouse last year. The CADMouse is a very solid device that makes a compelling case to ditch your old two-button mouse in favor of it.But just this month, we've been

published May 18, 2016

Weekly Productivity Enhancer: New Functionality for Working With Equations

We here at SolidBox value productivity above all in our applications and of course, our hardware. Each week, we’ll be giving you a tip to help you enhance your productivity with SolidWorks specifically. Sorry, we can’t help you with the hours you spend on Youtube each week watching cat videos, but hopefully you can learn something to make your SolidWorks experience easier. Equations can help keep a model's proportions just how you need them, no matter how many edits you make. Ove

published February 01, 2013

SolidBox TV – 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator + SpaceExplorer + SpacePilot Pro

Product Review of 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator, SpaceExplorer, and SpacePilot Pro.

published March 10, 2012

New 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Quick Review!

Hot off the injection molds! 3Dconnexion's newest 3D mouse, the SpaceMouse Pro, is out and we got our grubby little hands on one to give you the quick low-down on what's up with their latest and greatest offering in professional 3D mice. The whole SolidBox team is pretty stoked about this model, and looking forward to using it more. For now, check out our Quick Review:

published December 19, 2011

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