SolidBox Refresh Program – Hit The Refresh Button On Your Old Dell Or HP

If you’re here reading this right now, chances are good that your computer is old, maybe a little slower than you’d like. Even though you’re attached to the old girl, you suspect an upgrade is necessary. But you’re in a predicament:  it's time for a new workstation, but your budget is, shall we say, prohibitive. Luckily for you, there’s a way to keep your beloved Dell or HP workstation and get that new computer feel. The SolidBox Refresh program offers you the chance to hit

published July 03, 2013

SolidBox and Dell

SolidBox stands for two things when it comes to hardware: performance and reliability. First performance: everyone who’s ever sat down at a computer has hoped for the best performance possible. This is a given, but not all of us have the time or knowledge necessary to build a workstation that provides optimal performance for the tasks we ask it to accomplish. SolidBox provides the right workstation for each individual customer with the right hardware to ensure not only amazing performan

published February 14, 2013

SolidBox How To: Upgrade and Install Solid State Hard Drive and RAM in a Dell M6600

Part One Part Two Part Three Your SolidBox workstation is an amazing piece of machinery capable of infinite possibilities. However, the nature of all hardware is that it will be obsolete in a shockingly short amount of time. So, even if you're completely happy with your SolidBox, when that time comes, you still might want to upgrade some of your hardware. In this new SolidBox Exclusive video, Chris Castle breaks down each and every step involved in removing an old hard driv

published November 01, 2012

Dell Keep Your Hard Drive: Controlling Sensitive Data

The SolidBox crew sheds some light on Dell's Data Protection Service called Keep Your Hard Drive. Your hard drive is important to you. This much we know. With the amount of sensitive company and personal data being stored on that little device, you may not know exactly what to do with it in the event of a computer failure. Often a warranty will cover replacement of a defunct hard drive, but more often than not, companies will opt to forgo that warranty in favor of keeping the device and the i

published October 15, 2012

Dell Accidental Damage Service: The Ultimate Protection for the Ultimate Laptops

The SolidBox crew sheds some light on Dell's comprehensive laptop support for accidental damage, Dell Accidental Damage Service. The whole idea and benefit of the laptop computer is mobility. Laptops used to be bulky and underpowered as compared to their cousins who live on the tops of desks, but that is no longer the case. A high powered laptop can do everything a desktop can nowadays in sleaker, thinner designs that allow for even greater freedom of motion. In fact, I work exclusively on a

published October 15, 2012
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