SolidBox Review: CADMouse

At SolidBox, our goal is always to present products and services based on real-world necessity. It’s never our goal to cram useless or redundant tools down our customers’ throats. We would never sell a solution that we wouldn’t use ourselves. So, when 3Dconnexion announced the release of a right-handed CAD device that will take the place of your standard two button mouse, we naturally had to ask, is there room in the market for this device? How could 3Dconnexion add functionality to make i

published June 17, 2015

3Dconnexion Presents – CadMouse

We are excited to introduce the 3Dconnexion CadMouse, the world’s first right-handed mouse for CAD professionals. 3Dconnexion’s customers demanded a better alternative to an ordinary mouse when working in CAD. So they built it. Read on to discover why every CAD user (2D or 3D) deserves a CadMouse on their desk! THE WORLD’S FIRST MOUSE FOR CAD PROFESSIONALS CadMousePRECISION ENGINEERING YOU CAN FEEL The 3Dconnexion CadMouse is designed specifically for working in CAD. Say good

published June 04, 2015

SolidBox Customer Ken Pawlak Of Natus Medical Inc. To Present At SolidWorks World 2015

It's not only our job to be plugged into the SolidWorks community and to have our finger on the pulse of the industry, it's our passion. SolidWorks provides us with a remarkable software solution to most of our CAD challenges, and we make it our business to offer a hardware solution that enhances your SolidWorks experience. So, naturally, we were excited to learn that a long-time SolidBox customer was invited to present a breakout session at this year's SolidWorks World. Ken Pawlak of Natus M

published December 18, 2014

3Dconnexion Launches New Wireless Device – The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

3Dconnexion has been the leading provider of 3D CAD modeling devices since the dawn of the millennium. We've been in love with every 3Dconnexion device we've gotten our hands on, from the first SpaceMouse that predated USB (it attached via the long forgotten Serial Port) to the robust and programmable SpacePilot Pro. But it seems that 3Dconnexion is focused on blazing a new trail, by eliminating the wires on these CAD-enhancing devices altogether. We've already become well acquainted with 3Dc

published July 08, 2014

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