SolidBox Spotlight: My Gaming Computer Will Run SolidWorks, Won’t It?

Here at SolidBox, we encounter SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam users from a vast amount of industries. There seems to be one common question that we get from CAD/CAM folk across that wide array of industries, and that question is some variation of this:I just built an expensive gaming computer, can I use it to run SOLIDWORKS/Mastercam as well?”The honest-to-God truth is yes, most gaming computers would accept an installation of SOLIDWORKS, and yes, you could even do some modeling with it. However, th

published December 06, 2016

SolidBox How To: Upgrade and Install Solid State Hard Drive and RAM in a Dell M6600

Part One Part Two Part Three Your SolidBox workstation is an amazing piece of machinery capable of infinite possibilities. However, the nature of all hardware is that it will be obsolete in a shockingly short amount of time. So, even if you're completely happy with your SolidBox, when that time comes, you still might want to upgrade some of your hardware. In this new SolidBox Exclusive video, Chris Castle breaks down each and every step involved in removing an old hard driv

published November 01, 2012

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