Weekly Productivity Enhancer: Mirror Components In Assemblies SolidWorks 2014

Mirror Components in Assemblies SolidWorks 2014

We here at SolidBox value productivity above all in our applications and of course, our hardware. Each week, we’ll be giving you a tip to help you enhance your productivity with SolidWorks specifically. Sorry, we can’t help you with the hours you spend on Youtube each week watching cat videos, but hopefully you can learn something to make your SolidWorks experience easier.

The ability to leverage your own data in several different ways to create and recreate parts and assemblies is one of the most important aspects of SolidWorks. From patterns to derived sketches, SolidWorks gives us multiple ways to save time whenever we need to propagate new instances of an existing feature or part. One of our favorites is the Mirror Component tool when working with assemblies. The Mirror Component tool allows you to mirror an entire part around a plane or face in a number of different possible orientations, and with a host of controls.